In France, we usually do barbecue during summer, because it is warm enough to set the table outside (we don't do BBQ inside). This time we started to have barbecue late spring: I tried on my balcony with an electric device, it perfectly worked. However, the "traditional" way of having a bbq around here is with wood charcoal or vine shoots.

Our friends invited us in their new house they bought last month. They had to do some works and they still have to destroy and rebuild entirely their kitchen; even if there is still a lot to do, the living and the dining already look great!

As I probably already wrote, we always do aperitif, we enjoy having champagne with some raw vegetables to eat (or sliced raw sausage).

And that's it. It was a little bit cold that day but it was totally fine, we came back inside to play some board games after lunch.

I must say something about board games. I was not really into that because my parents never had much time to play with me due to work and I don't have siblings. I still got a happy childhood, I had many friends, I was reading a lot and I was enjoying playing videos games too, no worries, I just never had the chance to enjoy properly the world of board games. It is really popular these days, I don't know if it is a recent trend or not.

Since I came back to France, I've catch up with Lucas (the beard guy on the pics, a friend from high school) and we got closer, he introduced me to Laura, his partner. They are really into board games and we play together every the other week.

Writing this post made me hungry ㅠㅠ