Professional Projects

Coverbrain (Django)

VR tool for doctors to prevent comotions on football, soccer and rugby players. Data were sync across server certified with HDS.

VitaDX (Flask)

Backoffice and Backend for VitaDX.

VitaDx | Deep Tech en Santé - IA & Cytologie Digitale

Permafrost (React Native)

Lab advertisement for doctors.


Using ChatGPT with TTS and STT tools for interview training.

HY Calibration (Unreal Engine)

early prototype screenshot

The project was a puzzle game that was letting the user calibrate a camera while playing a short game. We designed an arena with different situation to solve with only a mobile phone camera device as input. It involved some Networking and some shaders skills: To get 3cm chessboard on every type of display.

We got the idea to include the calibration chessboards in the environment as medieval flag to not shock the users.

Skills involved:

  • Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints)
  • Unity3D (C#)
  • Game Design
  • Shaderlab, Unreal Materials, GLSL, HLSL
  • Networking
  • Blender
  • Substance Painter

HY Simulations (Unreal Engine)

Those projects had different goals: Testing cameras in a virtual world. It allow 3D reconstruction later with photogrametry and it also let know the researchers if a camera set was worth the buy also it is efficient to give a visualization on  how should LIDAR should be set up on a car. The main and last goal of it was to provide datas to AI team who can feed different machine learning system with different purposes (extracting driving and human behaviors situations). If reproducing real environment was fun, reproducing real world cameras and extracting information from images was a good challenge (custom depth and stencil).

The first project at HY was a car driving simulator. Unreal Engine was an amazing tool to make it possible.

Skills involved:

  • Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints)
  • Unreal Shaders
  • Blender
  • Substance Designer & Painter
  • AGISOFT Photoscan
  • Meshlab

Seoul City Hall

Seoul City Hall - 1:1 Scale

With plans I made the whole Seoul City Hall Library with Blender and exported it as FBX. I was able to import it into Unreal Engine for CCTV Simulation.

Related to photogrametry some textures has been made by myself when I wanted to try different techniques (Blender and PhotoScan).

Seoul Station

Seoul Station - 1:1 Scale

Tested some situations in the Seoul Station (Such as fight, heart attack, dropping items, ...).

Some WIP assets of Seoul Station - Sandbox

The clock was displaying the real time, it was not really useful, but it was cool.

Korea Security Agency

I implemented several animations, I also learned how to make some by myself.

Implementation of different weather that has impacts on the environments

Different weather and time of the day, nowadays the game engines let us make so many things.

Driving Simulation

Made a driving simulator in Unreal Engine with different interaction and situations to collect data for the AI team.

Binaree - Pale Lands (Unity3D)

Yet another clash of clan clone

A mobile game, even if the game itself was not a good one, it was interesting to work on it with 20 other people (from designers to artists). I was able to learn a lot from the CTO and I still use today some game logic I learned there. Implementing SFX and Mesh from artist vision now became much easier.

Skills Involved:

  • Unity3D (C#)

Joga Loca - Toy Drift Racing (Unity3D)

I really liked this one

Another mobile game, this one was my first released on the market.

Skills Involved:

  • Unity3D (C#)

Stella Artois - Stella VR

Weird but funny project

The aim of that project was to make a video gallery for Stella Artois in VR. There was 3 challenge in this one that I did not expected that made project even more exciting: Mobile VR Shader for the glass, standard shaders does not work, liquide simulation on a mobile, display different video streams in VR without impacting a lot on the battery life.

Skills Involved:

  • Unity3D (C#)
  • Blender (Mesh and Animation)
  • Technical Art (Shaderlab)

Side projects

Some personal and school projects, I did not put the prettiest but maybe the most interesting on the design aspects.

Remote Car Controller - 2015


I made a remote controller for this raspberry car, the original one was laggy and was not able to control the camera and the wheels at same time. I used Unity3D to connect, stream video, and control the car. Useless but fun.

Asymmetric Party Game - 2014

We made with a friend a tiny fighting game: One on a mobile device and four others on a PC, gameplay was asymmetric.

Adventure Game - 2014

Just a small game released with Unity3D.

Puzzle Game - 2014

This one we got many good feedback, people were feeling smarter with this game. I wish we could have some time to release a complete version of it.