Last year I traveled to berlin for few days to visit my previous housemate, who became a really good friend, Jiyé and her boyfriend, Sangwook.


When I first planned my trip I was sorting out the best options I got to reach my destination: Plane, car or train. Since I am concerned about global warming, I gave a shot to train and that was a terrible mistake. Do you know all the jokes and memes about Deutsche Bahn in Germany? It is all true. Anyway that is not the main topic here.

They live near Alexanderplatz, it is more or less downtown in Berlin (as they told me).

Honestly, I don't have much to say about the city, I usually travel to meet people because I love it. The vibe there is clearly different from others cities I visited but I cannot really tell how and why.

At least I tried local food... Oh wait, wrong picture
The Curry Wurst. That's clearly not the healthy however it was worth trying it

We manage to meet one of my old friend from high school, as you may know if you're reading this blog, I try to keep in touch with everyone, even if we don't talk particularly often. He lives far from the city center, so we rent an electric car to get there and we came back home with Free, a cab service.

It was a really good trip. I skipped museum pictures; you can probably find better than mines and that's mostly the same key areas to visit. Because of corona virus restriction I was not able to visit places I wanted; I was very satisfied anyway and I am really thankful to have amazing friends.