Time flies, time flies even faster since coronavirus outbreak started. It changed me a lot and my plans completely drifted. My grand dad (from my father side) was seriously concerned about something: Will we hold a huge celebration before his death? Or before he gets too old to enjoy eating and drinking with everyone? Since he lost hope on me getting married, he focused on preparing an outstanding lunch for everyone I would like to invite. It was my birthday gift.

It was a little bit tricky, we postponed my birthday in 2020 and we almost postponed it last year too. Don't get me wrong, I like meeting people, but it makes me nervous to prepare something for more than 4 people, especially during corona days. Many of them could not come due to travel restrictions.

Thanks to my parents, we have a place to receive everyone: The Vendangeoir. This is where the champagne grape harvesters live during the harvest each year (I will write about it around September). We also receive Vallois-Ferat customers here.

I spent a really good moment with friends and family. I wish I could have invited more friends and family members but it was the right amount of people: It would have been difficult to spend time with everyone who came that day.