My parents got this habit to send me yearly pictures of them with my friends while they were enjoying wine and food at a vineyard tour in Beaune (Burgundy region). So, when I came back to France in 2019, right before June, they brought me with them to their yearly journey.

That was my first tour like this, I did not know what to expect; the only advice came from my wise father: «Don't drink white wine, red is better here»

We have one glass and should keep it until the end.

Wine is unlimited although it is not recommended to drink too much wine.

Born and raised in Champagne Chardonnay region I was not really used to other wines, it was an interesting experience. I think now I can clearly recognize a bourgogne wine. Next time I wish to do same thing around Bordeaux.

My parents reserved me a space in their cellar for me to store my own bottles, I will fill year after year.