Today I've sorted out some pictures from last year vacations. Our friend Alexandre asked us if we wanted to stay one week in his flat in La Grande Motte and we obviously answered him yes; he found us cheap TGV tickets from Paris to Montpellier (20€ for each person).

While we were on our way to our vacation site, Lucas was singing this song from NAPS.

When we arrived a taxi was waiting for us to bring us directly to our friend flat in La Grand Motte, a seaside town. We stored all our luggage and went to downtown to eat something.


at the restaurant in front of the marina

I had to buy some flip flops at a shop
This little one was kinda cute

We went to the beach every the other day, I was keeping an eye on our stuff while my friends went to swim.

I am not really into this kind of vacation, but this time, when corona restrictions got lifted, it was really good to travel far from home and enjoy farniente.

I visited this city several times and I really like there: Narrow streets, it is possible to visit the whole city by walk and there is not much traffic (Since cars must stay outside city it is possible to access downtown with tramway).


Inside aqueduct


I lost my cap at the end of the video ㅜㅜ

This bridge was built by Roman Empire in 50AD, it was not a bridge at the beginning but an Aqueduct to deliver water from Uzès to Nime (24km).

After kayak - Sunburn - It hurts
We had some appertiser and dinner at home
Last day, we said goodbye to beach
(I removed everyone on this picture)