Our friend and my mother needed some decent pictures for a magazine that writes about wine in Champagne region.

I went from Reims to Bergères Lès Vertus to take several pictures, I am not a professional but I like when are made the right way: I packed up all the stuff I needed that day, took the car and drove 50 minutes to the Mt Aimé forest.

The Mont Aimé in the Background.

After few adjustments I took some pictures there from a point of view where stone map shows all the area.

Pictures that got printed into the magazine. I should have asked an issue.

What do we do when it's 11:30? We take aperitif. It is probably a common habit in our region to open a bottle of Champagne for any reason.

It takes a while from Reims to Bergères-Lès-Vertus, so I stayed with my mother until my father gets back from work.

A 4wd vehicle is better to drive around the vineyards

I wanted to take some shots around, I think I did not share those pictures on Instagram yet. I got pretty busy from August to April.


I like this village, that is where I grew up: From kinder garden to high school. Even if it is a lovely and peaceful area, I would not recommend to live there, it is required to take the car for grocery shopping or going to the hospital. As I remember, it was taking me 45 minutes to my high school by bus. Internet is still damn slow over there.

Around 6, before dinner, I took apéritif with my parents and grand parents (mother side).

My grand parents are getting old but they still seem to fine.

It was during a nice weekend, I will try to show a little bit more about Reims if get some ideas on how to show it properly.